6 ITinspired Tech Tips to Make 2021 Successful

It’s that time of year again. The time to set goals and resolutions for your personal life, trying to figure out where you can do better. Why not do the same for your business when it comes to technology? If you don’t have any business tech resolutions for 2021, you should. Here are some great tips and resolutions to push your business to the next level with ITinspired. 

       1. VOIP Phone Systems

This is the time to get your business a Voice Over IP Phone System. But why? With a VOIP Phone System, your business will be able to make calls using the internet rather than through a phone line. Plus, your business will save money, have more features and be prepared for disaster. This is a great system to have if your business goes remote… again. 

       2. Next-Generation Firewall

Security. Security. Security. It’s on everyone’s minds. With a next-generation firewall, your business can lower risks and maintain a stable VPN. The best part? We can get it set up for you, headache-free. 

       3. Security Awareness Training 

Let’s talk about some security training. Do your employees know what to look out for? Maybe they just need a little refresher. Don’t let phishing and fraudulent emails put your business’s information at risk. 

       4. Managed IT Services 

Is your business receiving superior tech service? It should be. Let ITinspired provide your business with the software, security and 24/7 support it deserves. Say goodbye to paying hourly for IT and say hello to your new managed service provider.  

       5. Updating Your Outdated Technology 

Let 2021 be the year for a technology reboot. Upgrade that dated equipment and give your business a new look. Have old equipment that hasn’t been touched in who knows how long? Let ITinspired run an analysis on the equipment so you can put it to good use! 

       6. Cloud Computing Services for Your Business 

It’s 2021. Meaning, it’s time to move your business to the cloud. Let’s take that on-site server and start exploring these options. When disaster strikes, don’t let your business be caught on the ground. 

Ready to make some business resolutions? Get in touch with us today!