COVID-19: Workplace & Technology Guidelines

ITinspired is committed to providing support for our extended family members (you, our clients and friends) during the Coronavirus outbreak. We are taking proactive measures to verify that your infrastructure is ready for a potentially extended period of time of remote work for you and your employees. Additionally, if you plan to still work from the office, ITinspired will be ready to provide the remote support services you need to keep your business functioning during this time. We recommend the following actions to help prepare for the coming weeks and beyond.

  • If you plan to work from home, ensure that you can log into your laptop or other mobile devices before you leave the office and start remote work. This will download a local copy of your network profile so that you can log into the computer even though you are not at the office.
  • Take your devices, chargers, and accessories home and make sure you can access the Internet and remotely connect to the office (if applicable) before you need to so that any issues can be resolved proactively.
  • Clean your devices and maintain a sanitary working environment. Follow the device specifications for sanitizing and maintaining your equipment.

We also recommend the following to help prevent the spread of the disease through technology:

  • Avoid shared workstations – if there is a workstation that multiple people have access to, such as in a conference room or lobby, avoid using if necessary – germs can spread from multiple users using the same keyboard. On that note…
  • Don’t share machines or keyboards – If you and a colleague are looking at work together on the same computer, do not touch their keyboard or area around the workstation to prevent contact and communication of germs.
  • Wash your hands – The golden rule! Be sure to use hand sanitizer when necessary. 

ITinspired will be practicing these same and other measures, following state and local guidelines, being mindful of our impact and interactions in the service industry, and leveraging our remote capabilities as well. If a critical situation arises that requires a technician to be deployed onsite to your office location, please let us know so we can coordinate with management and decide on a case-by-case basis what our capacity is to fulfill that need. We anticipate longer than usual response times during our support process, so please bear with us during this transition time.

You can Email, Click or Call us with your support issues. Email [email protected], Click over to or Call us at 225-424-8000. We’re here to help!