Facing COVID-19 and Its Impact


As we continue to gain information about the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), the CDC has released updated guidelines for businesses and employers. Looking beyond the CDC’s recommendations, we have compiled more suggestions to keep in mind for your business and your family. 


  1. We advise all businesses and companies to review your business continuity plan and ensure it is updated with all relevant and current information. 
  2. Business leaders should create a list of people who will be able to work remotely if needed. Offices could be closed for weeks so check that everyone has remote access to files and projects if needed. If some staff members already work remotely, make them test their off-site connectivity in the upcoming days.
  3. Now is the time to have a discussion with all staff members to make sure everyone is on the same page and informed about upcoming possibilities. A two-week office closure is a worst-case scenario your business should be preparing for.
  4. Make sure all employees have an up-to-date contact list of cell phone numbers and home phone numbers in case people can not be reached by email.
  5. If your business anticipates utilizing web conferencing tools during a closure, reach out to us to review and discuss viable options.
  6. With employees potentially having to work from home, you may want to consider purchasing laptops and issuing them accordingly. 
  7. Please plan for disrupted lead times as countless supply chains are already experiencing interruptions. 
  8. As concerns continue to spread, coronavirus phishing messages will certainly appear. Remind staff members to be cautious about clicking links or opening attachments in emails about coronavirus.   

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