Give Ransomware “The Bird”

Give Ransomware “The Bird”, ITinspired

When we hear the word ransomware, we immediately cringe with thoughts of encrypted files,  business downtime, and hackers demanding money for the fix. Companies are often too slow to notice or respond to ransomware attacks, making this tactic highly effective as a leveraging tool for money. So, how can you protect yourself from these malicious attacks while minimizing your downtime? Enable ransomware canaries and give “the bird” to the hackers.

These files are valuable tools for IT security because they detect ransomware-type behavior differently from your typical antivirus software. Much like the old saying “a canary in a coal mine,” ransomware canaries detect suspicious activity in a network before we can see it ourselves. 

A ransomware canary is nothing more than a file placed on an endpoint to monitor changes prepared for when a ransomware outbreak occurs. The canary triggers an alert to respond and remediate any potential ransomware activity when this happens. 

At ITinspired, our security experts help protect your business from these attacks. With our security solutions and managed IT services, we place unique canary files onto endpoints that alert you and our team of any suspicious activity occurring in your network. These proactive measures not only provide you with protection and peace of mind but also prevent the loss of important information, time and money caused by a ransomware outbreak. Contact us today to give your business the security it deserves.