To us, IT is more than wires and WiFi speed. It's being connected to our communities and the organizations making Baton Rouge and Louisiana special. Technology has inspired connections outside of the digital world and using our platform for positive change is a continuing promise.

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"It's important to me that ITinspired is involved in the community and local organizations because it shows the world what ITinspired cares about. It's our chance to showcase what we hold dear to our chest and spread that message to whomever is listening. It's part of our DNA to help others and be involved with our community — if we couldn't help, it'd be like holding in a sneeze..."

- Paul Hendrix
Infrastructure/Customer Service

"It's important to give back to your community especially as a business. It allows opportunities to get to know the community around your business and allows the community to get to know you. Without this involvement, you're just another business. It also gives employees an opportunity to get involved with their community in activities they might not have even known were available. ITinsipred's goal is to make you a part of the family and not just take you on as a client. How good of a family member would we be if we never went outside with you?"

- Chris Marshall
Infrastructure/Customer Service

"I want nothing more than our community to be a better place to live and I would like the company I work for to reflect this. Getting involved whether it is through donating or giving time to volunteer can help enrich the community in my opinion."

- Rachel Mensing
Infrastructure/Service Specialist 1

Board Affiliations:

iti junior league
iti young entrepreneurs academy
iti arts council of greater baton rouge
iti 10,000 small businesses

What We've Been Up To:

Kids’ Orchestra Case Study: Transitioning to an IT Partner

We always enjoy helping our clients succeed through our services, and our relationship with Kids' Orchestra has been one of the most special to date. Being able to provide organization and IT support for such an amazing organization makes our job all worth it. Kids' Orchestra fulfills a vital role in our city, and our... Read more »

Gaming 24 Hours Straight for Charity

This month our team participated in Extra Life, a 24-hour charitable gaming marathon focused on raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.  Being the avid video game enthusiasts that we are, we jumped at the opportunity for a full day of uninterrupted gaming that benefits an awesome cause. If there are two things we… Read more »