Inspired Services

You already know that our team is on your side, but do you know all the services we offer at ITinspired? Our bread and butter is data, cloud, and voice, and we go deep to service all issues related to these branches of IT.


Your network is the backbone of everything, it’s what keeps everything running. Data is the informational piece within that network. It’s where everything lives, where it is stored, where it is accessed.

Networking is what gives users that access and makes the data available to share and distribute. Collection of all raw information gets sorted, managed and maintained centrally, where you can drill down and find more granular answers to questions, or where you store and secure information. It’s the infrastructure that you use to operate your business.

Types of data solutions we service at ITinspired:
  • Data analytics
  • Storage
  • Virtualization
  • Security
  • Networking


Cloud is the extension of the internal data platform. It is a platform to manage and maintain your data, making it more accessible and oftentimes affordable. Cloud empowers data to be collaborative and communicative, taking your data services to the next level. It becomes more flexible, freely accessible, scalable, and user experience is better.

Types of cloud solutions we service at ITinspired:
  • Managed Services
  • Offsite Backup
  • Managed Co-Location
  • Cloud Servers
  • Hosted Email


Voice is the communication piece connecting data and cloud. What good is accessing data or cloud if you can’t talk about it? You use the voice piece to communicate and reach your contacts, which includes phone and email.

Types of voice solutions we service at ITinspired:
  • Phone Systems
  • Unified Communications
  • Telecom Solutions
  • Hosted VoIP
  • Enterprise Messaging

For a complete list of our services and more about them, check out our Solutions page!