Microsoft’s New Browser Arrives

It’s here! Officially launched in mid-January, Microsoft’s new Edge Chromium browser is beginning to trickle down to general users. Based on Chromium, Google’s underlying code for Chrome, the browser acts similar to its Google counterpart but with some notable Windows-friendly features.

Overall, the new browser comes equipped with a list of features including an Internet Explorer mode for businesses, anti-tracking options and enterprise-grade security. (Edge will also include support for Chrome extensions.)  Accompanied by a mobile app, phones and PCs can be linked to seamlessly continue browsing across devices. With browser privacy becoming an increasingly important topic, it’s important to note Google is currently in a two-year process of phasing out third-party trackers. For privacy-conscious users, Edge may be a logical option.

Over the next several months, Microsoft will automatically update Windows 10 users with Edge’s new version, completely replacing the existing built-in browser. Optimized for Windows, Edge will automatically sync your passwords, settings and favorites once installed. 

At the moment, users have to download the new browser directly from Microsoft. Contact us if you want to learn more about Edge or have any questions about the switch!