Onboarding: When the Magic Starts to Happen

At ITinspired, we’ve got a proven process on how we build partnerships and strengthen relationships. We start by identifying your needs and developing a personalized plan, then it’s time to start onboarding. 

Our onboarding process can take up to 30 days to complete, and we promise it’s worth the wait. We’ve got three key stages to successful onboarding; design, document, and deploy. These stages are all covered in your onboarding fee costs and include setup, site survey, software and service subscriptions, and configuration of management tools to support your environment. 

During this time you get to see our ITinspired team in action. It’s our job to wipe your slate clean and shift the burden of IT from your team to ours. We start by fixing old problems and breaking bad habits. This is where you’ll start to see our people and plan working, where you start to see the magic happening!