The threat of the upcoming severe weather may impact your hardware and data. We've put together some of our top recommendations in an effort to keep our clients’ technology safe.


  • ITinspired will be verifying all client backups prior to the storm’s arrival
  • If a full server shutdown with power removal is needed, you may coordinate that with us. This is a very low probability risk, but does provide additional protection against lightning strikes or large power surges.
  • Have employees turn off and unplug workstations to be safe
*Shutting down servers or networking equipment can prevent remotely accessing files or servers*

Before the Storm

  • Keep all of your devices fully charged (laptops, phones, tablets, additional chargers, battery packs, etc)
  • Review your emergency plan and update contact information for employees
  • Set up a company-wide communications channel or chat (Slack, Teams, GroupMe, Hangouts, Text Messages, etc)
  • Move equipment off the ground (move computers off the ground and onto a  desk or counter)
  • Review your company’s disaster recovery and business continuity plans
  • If you have personal data that is critical we suggest ensuring you have a remote copy of the data or bringing a copy with you

Phone System

  • Update your company phone system, or forward calls to a designated location in the event of a system or office outage
  • Determine if you need to set roll-over groups, change the voicemail message or set call-forwarding

During the Storm

  • Use cellular data or mobile hotspots if power is out
  • Conserve battery usage by turning off Bluetooth or wireless connectivity if power is out