Reflecting on the Past Seven Years

As we reach our seventh year in business, we want to reflect on our journey. We’ve set the precedent for how we want to function in this industry and what we want to accomplish. Thank you to all of our clients, employees, vendors and friends. The best is yet to come. 

Rob Wise, our CEO and co-owner, shared his thoughts on our anniversary and history below. 

When I was asked “What does seven years in business mean to you?” a flurry of emotions, memories, and experiences flashed in front of my eyes. I could say it means just one thing, but that’s not true for me. For me, seven years at ITinspired means thousands of high fives, tears of joy and laughter, growing pains, passionate and teachable moments, nerf gun wars and most of all – family. The family we have created here lives strong with every person who has worn our logo on their chest, created a Raving Fan, or helped us grow personally and professionally. In seven short years, we have a lot of people to thank and so much to be grateful for.

It is humbling to trace our steps back to the beginning and see how far we’ve come. Sometimes it’s a reflection of the vast change we’ve experienced and how we’ve overcome obstacles, which give us a sense of accomplishment. At other times, the perfectionist in me knows we could have performed better or grown faster than the pace we set for ourselves. Today, I can tell you none of that matters. We are continuously improving and mindful of the next steps we take in business; we have matured a bit.

Overall, seven years in business feels absolutely positively fabulous! It is an exciting time to write the next chapter of the ITinspired story. I have never been more confident in the abilities, services, and resources of our team. We are hitting our stride and feeling comfortable in our own skin. I cannot wait to see what we accomplish next.  

Rob Wise | Co-owner & CEO