Solutions with a Smile

We all know that having multiple backups of your critical company data is important. Networking equipment, servers, and computer hardware have to be routinely maintained and configured for stability if and when an outage occurs. Keeping your business and IT operations resilient and redundant are paramount well before a storm or disaster is on the horizon. These practices are common knowledge to most, but I’ve found from my personal and professional experience that what happens behind the scenes and why they are done isn’t quite as common.

At ITinspired there is a unique mindset and methodology in our approach to working with technology and the people that rely on it. Why we offer solutions and how they are delivered make a significant impact to those around us, and it has a deeper meaning to our company. Spoiler alert…it’s not about making the most money! In fact, a common phrase that is repeated at our company is “People first. Problem second. Profit last.” It may seem counterintuitive for a company to put profit last since profit is fuel for the fire for most businesses to succeed, but for ITinspired it is by design. Success to our company is not defined by how profitable our business is. We are laser focused on the relationships we have developed and making a difference in the lives of the people we work and do business with; they are the secret to our amazing success.

Our personal goal is to change the perception of IT companies by providing a unique and dependable customer experience for all of our Raving Fans! Just like our company slogan suggests, we are “Your technology people,” and we genuinely want to partner with your business to tame your technology woes and take your IT service and support from tired to inspired. We have a passion for working with people and technology (two things that don’t always mix) and it just so happens that we have fun while doing it!

This could have been your typical “What we do” type of message, but we want you to know “Why we do it” instead. If you’re still interested in “What we do” and the service and solutions we provide, call (225) 424-8000 or email [email protected] so we can chat or get some lunch!

Written by

Rob Wise


Rob, a former LSU Cheerleader and Mike the Tiger, is a big personality with an even bigger heart! He is on a personal mission to brighten your day and help your business grow. What’s for lunch?