Rob Wise

Rob, a former LSU Cheerleader and Mike the Tiger, is a big personality with an even bigger heart! He is on a personal mission to brighten your day and help your business grow. What’s for lunch?

Brett Vaughn-Zyjewski

Brett has worked in IT since high school. He’s always had a passion for solving complex problems and using technology to make life easier. After graduating from LSU, Brett hit the ground running as a consultant in the IT field, helping businesses take advantage of high-tech solutions to solve intricate problems. He might not say it himself, but he’s a technical genius!

Anthony Sauro

Anthony enjoys working with clients to find solutions to difficult problems. Anthony does not like writing 2 – 3 sentence biographies.

Paul Hendrix

Paul enjoys working on challenging problems while building relationships with clients. He strives to make clients happy and comfortable with technology. He also enjoys running and playing guitar—and loathes writing autobiographies.

Shawn Farlow

Shawn is the ITinspired team’s glue. He keeps everything running smoothly at all times, and he’s always there to lend an ear and a bear hug. Shawn enjoys being a mentor to all levels of employees and believes everyone can improve any aspect of their lives with hard work and a positive attitude.

Jared Langley

Jared has a decade in the game and experience all around. He’s always willing to help. Jared’s here for you.

Chris Marshall

Chris will stick his neck out for you. He’s always willing to take a smaller role for the good of the team but can also step up to the plate and lead. He’s an all-around great guy who has never lost at a staring contest!

John Hutchinson

John learned how to fix computers after breaking his family’s first PC in 1992. He has been addicted to technology in all forms ever since. John has been working as an IT professional for 10 years and enjoys using his “Jack of all Trades” knowledge to solve a wide range of varying issues. His passions include video gaming and providing Raving Fan customer service.

Stephen Podorsky

Stephen grew up as an athlete with a love for technology. With customer service experience, he prioritizes our clients needs to provide the best experience possible. With a hunger for learning new things, he is always willing to assist his teammates with a helping hand.

Alex Deinken

Alex is your friendly neighborhood IT guy. Since graduating from LSU in Computer Science, Alex dove right in to the IT industry. He excels at using critical thinking and his personable character to help clients in any way possible.

Ryan Osmer

There is no task too big or too small for Ryan. He is always willing to take on a challenge and gain knowledge. During his downtime, you can find Ryan playing video games and being an introvert.

Nathan Briehn

Nathan has always had a love for technology and discovering how things work. He enjoys helping people out in any way he can and is always willing to go the extra mile for his teammates. Nathan relates to customers and makes sure their needs are heard. He is hungry to learn new skills and apply those skills to make sure clients’ needs are met. In his free time, he can be found playing video games, working out or spending time with his friends and family.

Alex Lauve

The son of a programmer, and the grandson of a telecom executive, technology has always been in Alex’s blood. Half way through a second decade in IT and he’s not slowing down. Whether he’s trying out the newest gadget, solving a problem, or finding a way to make life easier, Alex loves tech and making it work for friends, family and customers. He’s never met a stranger, and is always happy to help a client or coworker. If he’s not working, he’s either playing with his cats, playing videogames, or spending time with friends and family.

Benjamin Thomas

“Fiddle Fingers”, as his grandmother so lovingly called him, realized his love for technology early on by taking things apart that he probably shouldn’t have and attempting to put them back together without that pesky leftover screw. Mixed with his mother’s friendly and outgoing nature and his dad’s engineer mindset, it makes sense ITinspired would become one of the places he calls home. With ITinspired, he’s continuing to grow and learn new things while using his skillset to ease the frustrations others face when their technology decides to, as Fleetwood Mac says, go it’s own way.

Sloan Wilson

After nearly a decade in the live events industry, Sloan could no longer stay away from the IT world. His love of “seeing how the watch works” is well suited for the tech environment and allows for implementing creative solutions. Sloan has a passion for helping people and gathered plenty of end-user experience instructing his parents, grandparents and friends on how to use computers and technology growing up. When he’s not working, you can usually find Sloan gaming with friends or enjoying the outdoors with a good kayaking trip or hike.

Kade Day

Kade enjoys a good challenge. With his love for learning and a passion for technology, Kade is a great addition to our ITinspired squad. He has always enjoyed meeting new people and getting to know them, which was one of the reasons he knew ITinspired was the place for him! Whether he’s troubleshooting tech or troubleshooting recipes, Kade is always problem-solving.