Benjamin Thomas

“Fiddle Fingers”, as his grandmother so lovingly called him, realized his love for technology early on by taking things apart that he probably shouldn’t have and attempting to put them back together without that pesky leftover screw. Mixed with his mother’s friendly and outgoing nature and his dad’s engineer mindset, it makes sense ITinspired would become one of the places he calls home. With ITinspired, he’s continuing to grow and learn new things while using his skillset to ease the frustrations others face when their technology decides to, as Fleetwood Mac says, go it’s own way.

Talents :: Personal

Singing, cooking, talking your ear off about all of the consumer products Microsoft has killed off, cats.

Favorite Song

Forever and for Always – Shania Twain

Family & Pets

My two darling daughters Beyoncé and Stoli (cats)

Talents :: Professional

Customer Service, teamwork, general troubleshooting

Superhero Persona

Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Favorite Vacation Spot

St. George Island (only when there is no moon out)