Jasper Osler

From early on, Jasper was all about machines and electronics. After receiving his first toolkit at the age of 12, he boldly dismantled and reassembled an old computer. The feeling he experienced when he plugged it in and heard the hard drive boot and watched the screen come to life is one that he’ll never forget and has never stopped chasing. Jasper channels this passion through both his career at ITinspired and through music. This R&B crooning, computer repairing grill master kills it on the keys – piano AND computer!

Talents :: Personal

Singing, audio production, vocal production, handyman, songwriting

Favorite Song/Artist

Crazy – Gnarls Barkley

Family & Pets

Alexandra (wife), Jayden (daughter) and Connor (son)

Talents :: Professional

Leadership, conflict resolution, public speaking, computer repair

Superhero Persona


Favorite Vacation Spot

Los Angeles, CA