John Hutchinson

John learned how to fix computers after breaking his family’s first PC in 1992. He has been addicted to technology in all forms ever since. John has been working as an IT professional for 10 years and enjoys using his “Jack of all Trades” knowledge to solve a wide range of varying issues. His passions include video gaming and providing Raving Fan customer service.

Talents :: Personal

Acting, singing, playing keyboard and guitar, and can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under 2 minutes.

Favorite Song

Bring Him Home – Les Miserables

Family & Pets

Ashley (wife), Myla (daughter), Dani (daughter), Annie (dog), Sissy (cat)

Talents :: Professional

Hardware Troubleshooting, Customer Service, Networking, Custom PC building

Superhero Persona

Poverty Batman

Favorite Vacation Spot

Ocho Rios, Jamaica