The ITinspired Intern Experience – Let the Games Begin!

Our team loves any opportunity that allows us to share our knowledge and form new relationships with people, and the ITinspired internship program is one of our favorite ways to accomplish those goals.

Rob Wise, CEO and co-owner of ITinspired, says, “We’re constantly having someone in the recruiting pipeline. We’re developing new talent and getting to meet new people. It’s a learning process for them and us.”

We designed our internship process to ensure that interns are allowed the most hands-on experience out there. Rob says, “There’s not much that they don’t touch here. By giving our interns the opportunity to work on various IT projects and providing them with multiple responsibilities, we believe they will “cross boundaries that they didn’t know they would cross.” 

One of our recent interns, Rachel Mensing, thoroughly enjoyed her experience, stating, “I feel like I’ve learned a lot. I’m still learning stuff today actually.” 

We take the same approach when it comes to our relationships with people. Nathan Briehn, our current support specialist, was an intern with us for only a month before he started a full-time position. 

Speaking on his favorite part of his internship experience, Nathan says, “Everyone really accepts, motivates, and pushes you to learn. They treat you like family.”

We genuinely believe that our internship program is a vital resource for those who are considering a career in IT. Great hands-on experience plus cool people… sounds like the perfect combo!

Convincing enough? Visit for more information on our program, and apply now!