The New ITinspired

At ITinspired, we know that our industry is ever-changing… and our brand is changing too. That said, we are excited to announce the launch of the new ITinspired! Read on for an interview with partner Rob Wise on how the re-brand came about and what future plans are in-store for ITinspired.


What is ITinspired now compared to when the company started in terms of the company and clients?

Our first year in business we had 39 clients, 1 full-time employee, and 3 owners working full time in our home offices. Our current operations exist with approximately 132 clients, 11 FTE’s, including 3 owners still working full time in/on the business in our office.


What is ITinspired now compared to when the company started in terms of the people that make up the company?

Our company has grown from 4 people in 2013 to a team of up to 12 in 2017. The team itself is comprised of old friends, new friends, and strangers we pick up off the street that like to work for us! We have more capacity for support, increased availability of service and more strength and stability in our solutions than ever before.


Speaking for the company as a whole, what does this re-brand mean to everyone (employees, customers etc.)?

For our company, this means a laser-focused approach to meeting our sales, marketing, and customer service goals. Our team members are energized and excited about the re-branding of our company. We feel right at home in our new logo and slogan, “Your Technology People.”

ITinspired customers will experience a streamlined service menu, new technical solutions, and a reorganized support experience that is, even more, customer focused than it was previously.


In a few words, what makes you (and everyone else) so excited about this next step for the company?

The excitement comes from the new direction our company is taking in 2017. We have a new brand that reflects our personality and people more accurately. Our company is growing and we continue to do business better each day than the day before.


Check out our new website for our updated branding, including a new logo, color scheme, and tagline and stay tuned for more blog updates.