The Squad: Your Technology People

If you have a technology need, the ITinspired squad has your back. We’re not just any technology company, we are your technology people. The “your” in our tagline represents ownership, accountability and a personal connection between your business and ITinspired.


With our new brand, we also launched a new set of five core values that each member of our squad exemplifies daily:

Energy – Bring it!

We are one energetic and excitable bunch. Whether you are on a support call, at a client’s desk, hanging out in the break room playing video games, or presenting a solution…BRING IT!  Bring the excitement, radiate positivity, make an impact with spirit and personality.

Reliability – Do It Right

Reliability in service and support is critical for our customers and our own business at ITinspired! In order to be reliable, we have to do our job right the first time and every time after that. If a product or service is not reliable for our own company, we do not pass the burden down to our customers. All of the solutions we implement have been tried, tested and trusted by our team and company before recommending to anyone. It is our responsibility to do it right and make it right for our customers at all times.

Hunger – Want It

There’s a fight that lives within all current and future employees of ITinspired. When we want something bad enough, we go out and get it. We set our sights on the technical target, put our heads down and foam at the mouth for more..More..MORE… until the problem is solved.

Then, we are constantly looking for more problems to solve.

Innovation – Be Original

ITinspired fosters innovation and originality within our company culture. The IT industry almost demands that you work within a set of parameters, but forces you to adjust on the fly and introduce a new solution or method to solve a technical problem. Sometimes as IT professionals, our solution is not always a technical one, which is why we have to be original and creative in how we solve the problem with the resources we have.

Woo – Win Others Over

Woo! It’s meant to convey that personality is key, soft skills are critical and fun is mandatory! We don’t just win in our technical game; our personalities shine because we get personal in our approach to business. At ITinspired, we WOO! with our hearts first and minds second. We’re here to help and we strive for the win-win-win in business and in life.